What types of Paternity tests do you offer?

Legal Paternity Test
This is our highly recommended test. If the child is under 18, it is strongly recommended that you choose this option. Results can be used in court to support any legal purpose, including: changing a birth certificate, child support, etc.

Has the alleged father recently died?

  • A Deceased DNA test is a good option. The results may be used for legal purposes, such as SSI or survivor benefits, if we can collect DNA directly from the body
  • If the alleged father is incarcerated or has been deceased for a long time (body is not accessible) but at least one of his parents are alive and available for testing, then a Grandparent DNA Test is a viable alternative. Paternity can be determined if grand paternity is proven.

Non-Legal Peace of Mind Paternity Test

If you just want to know the truth and you do not need a paternity test that is court admissible, then this is the best option for you

What's the process to getting a DNA Test?

You book your appointment online or by phone, receive your welcome e-mail from the testing center administrator, show up for your appointment, all parties involved will be swabbed, test will get shipped to our accredited laboratory, test results will come back within 2 business days, results will be e-mailed or read in office. 

Can I receive my test results by phone?

No, we will not give you your results over the phone. Results will be sent by e-mail or one of the parties involved can come to the office to pick up the results, or there can be scheduled time for administrator to reveal test results in office with all parties present in the event mediation or counseling is needed.

Will my privacy be protected?

Absolutely! We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We will not release any information about your case to anyone without your authorization. We will always follow any special instructions you give us for communicating with you or other parties involved in your test.