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That's NOT My Baby!

Dear Mrs. DNA,

I am a successful, attractive young man. I recently got into a situation with a woman that I feel like is out to get my money. Ok, yea I slept with her but only one time! Now she's claiming I'm the father of her kid, that doesn't even look like me! I mean come on, I'm brown and the baby is light! Like light light! There's no way that baby is mine! What can I do to get her off my back?

Dear Mr. That's Not My Baby,

If you have intercourse with a woman that results in a pregnancy, then there is a chance that you could in fact be the father of her baby. Differences in skin tone is not scientific proof that you are not the father. You mentioned, "she's out to get your money", if you feel like this is a situation where you are being tricked into thinking you are the father, then I would suggest booking an appointment for our Legal Paternity Test. This test is court admissible, and can assist with any legal issues that may arise. Although, if you just want peace of mind and proof that you are not the father, then just book our non legal paternity test. Best wishes to you!


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